Grape seeds can inhibit cancer cell

Grape seed now many researched properties for health. One of them is the ability to cope with skin cancer and prevent blindness. Not only that, a recent research shows that grape seed extract is able to kill cancer cells in the neck and head. The findings are published in the journal Carcinogenesis.

The advantages of this is that grape seed extract can kill cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells. "The effect is quite dramatic," said Rajesh Agarwal, PhD, researcher at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor in the Skaggs School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

However, the effectiveness of grape seed extract still depends on the ability of healthy cells to survive the damage. "Cancer cells spread very quickly. But there are also conditions in which they can not grow, so that cancer cells will die," added Agarwal.

According to Agarwal, grape seed extract may create unfavorable conditions for cancer cells, because it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Agarwal hoped that these findings was developed further toward clinical trials. He said that this research has the potential as an adjunct to therapy in treating both early head and neck cancer.

Head and neck cancer (cancer outside the brain, eyes and spinal cord) appeared at an average age of 59 years. Causes of head and neck cancer is usually caused by the habit of chewing tobacco, drinking habits alkhol. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancer associated with tobacco use.


5 simple ways whiten teeth

All would want to have bright white teeth, but not everyone has the money to whiten teeth at the doctor or by purchasing a liquid containing tooth whitening side effects to the teeth. If we look at the environment around us, shining white teeth can also be obtained by following simple way.

1. Strawberries
This beautiful fruit malic acid producing enzymes that help whiten teeth. In addition to the direct eating, strawberries can be used to whiten teeth with mashed way, rubbed on the teeth, let stand for five minutes then rinse and brush as usual.

2. Fruits and vegetables are crisp
The best example is the apple, celery, and carrots. Biting and chewing fruits and vegetables such as this will help clean the plaque, "rubbing" over white teeth to shine, and increase the production of saliva is good for oral health.

3. Chewing gum containing xylitol
Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can prevent plaque. Xylitol also neutralize the acidity in the mouth and increase saliva production to clean teeth.

4. Orange and pineapple
When eating oranges, pineapple and other acidic fruits, mouth produce more saliva, which helps to clean teeth naturally.

5. Baking soda
Toothpaste that contains baking soda works better in cleaning the plaque. You can just use baking soda directly to clean teeth, but the doctors suggested that this is not done too often because it can erode tooth enamel. The safest option is to use toothpaste that contains baking soda.


Prevent the emergence of uric acid

A wise man often said, prevention is better than cure. Prevent in the sense to find ways to uric acid levels in the body does not trip, not to throw acid levels in the vein. Keeping uric acid levels are not increased is an important part of long-term target to prevent excess uric acid.

Because uric acid actually exists naturally in the body, the number could increase because there are external factors, such as food. There are some tricks that uric acid is not skyrocketed in number. Best Gout Remedies According to the site, the way is as follows:

1. Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages
Or better trimmed only once. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, is the kind of beverages with the highest levels of purines. If you can not rneninggalkan alcohol, drink with the portion being, ie no more than one or two glasses of wine a day.

2. Drink plenty of water
Especially beverages containing ionized or mineral. Drink eight to 12 glasses a day. Reduce consumption of alkaline water and do not drink soda water berbaking, because it contains a lot of salt.

3. Drinking milk and orange juice
According to some research, milk lowers uric acid levels. If you suffer from gout potential, risk can be lowered when drinking a glass of milk every day. One glass of milk can lower uric acid to 0.25 mg / dL, with orange juice Similarly, although slightly below kedigdayaannya milk.

4. Drinking coffee
In some studies, we got the result that coffee may lower the risk of uric acid. Coffee also can slightly reduce the risk of uric acid. for those who have been exposed.

5. Lose weight
If you are overweight, you should lose weight. Weight loss is the most important tip in the prevention of uric acid, although this is the hardest thing to do.

6. Take vitamins C
Vitamin C intake of 500 mg per day, according to a study, is proven to prevent uric acid.


5 habits in order to stay young

Changes in lifestyle habits and can essentially make a person become more youthful. Meghan Telpner, a holistic nutrition expert, said most people generally tend to be resigned to the degenerative disease, because it is considered as a natural process. In fact the word Telpner, degenerative disease is not always synonymous with age, but more to come due to lifestyle.

Here are five healthy can be done to stay young:

1. Get enough sleep
Sleep is when our bodies do the healing and repair. Sleep is very important to help the regeneration of the adrenal glands and accelerate the healing of acne on your face

2. Avoid pollution
Toxins in the air (pollution) is one of the causes of health problems associated with aging. It's good for us to spend some time going for a walk, jogging or biking in the park green while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

3. More mobile and do not overdo it
Exercise is the best way to prevent aging. But for those who rarely perform physical activity, you should not immediately start training with high intensity.

Perform the exercise with low intensity but often, very well done. However, if you're a fan of high intensity exercise, like running long distances of 30 km and weight training, do not forget to eat right before and after exercise to stay hydrated.

4. Eating vegetables
For foods that have high nutritional value, there is no maximum limit how much a person should eat vegetables.

5. Inhale deeply
Take a deep breath in the lungs can develop into a form that the maximum so that helps relax the nervous system that helps promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Source: besthealthmag