5 Fertility Boosting Foods for Women

One of the biggest changes that women do to prepare for pregnancy is turning into a healthy diet. Eating healthy may not be enough for couples having difficulty conceiving. There are some foods that are very specific and has been associated with an increased likelihood of fertility. Below are eight types of them:

1. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables
It's no secret that fruits and vegetables are an important source of nutrition for men and women. Beside rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that help eliminate free radicals. When free radicals accumulate in the body, they can cause a large number of health problems, including disorders of the reproductive hormone. Even fruits and vegetables can also eliminate toxins that can interfere with conception.

When choosing fruits and vegetables, fill your plate with bright fruit colors as much as possible. As a general rule, the stronger the color, the more the nutritional content of fruits or vegetables. Berries are very nutritious fruit. These foods help protect your cells from damage and prevent cell aging. The fruit is not only affecting your body, but also eggs in the reproductive tract. Stay away from all kinds of canned fruits and vegetables that have very little nutritional value and full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

2. Chicken
Consumption of chicken meat is very important because these foods are high in protein and iron, which is very important for women who are trying to conceive. Iron and protein are very important for women before and during pregnancy. Although the iron and protein can be found also in non-animal products, but no significant association between animal protein and increase fertility. Research shows that women are iron deficient are more likely to suffer infertility than those who need adequate iron substance.

This does not mean that all of your protein should come from animal meat without fat, but aim for at least one serving per day. Be sure to select chickens that are processed by techniques such as grilling healthy, and avoiding the chicken-fried or high in fat.

3. Eggs
Many people are surprised to learn that the egg is a powerful super foods that can dramatically improve reproductive health. Eggs are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients such as protein and choline. Choline intake is needed before and during pregnancy because it increases the body's ability to absorb folic acid. Folic acid is essential during the preconception and early pregnancy to prevent neural birth defects such as spina bifida. Eating just one egg a day can raise levels of choline are sufficient to increase the absorption of folic acid twice.

4. Nuts and grains
Nuts and grains digest more slowly in the body, which helps regulate insulin levels and increases ovulation. In addition, nuts and seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids, essential fatty acids that have a direct effect on hormone levels. Nuts and seeds are also very high in antioxidants. In addition to eliminating free radicals, antioxidants help to boost the immune system and reduce the chances of a woman's body from attacking the male sperm.

5. Olive oil
As mentioned above, Omega-3 is believed to have a profound effect on increasing fertility. Omega-3 is usually found in olive oil. Studies show that Omega 3 can actually improve the quality of either sperm or egg cell, thus becoming an important part of the fertility diet for both men and women who are trying to conceive.

Influence the power of love for health

February is the month of love. Maybe because there are days in the month of love Valentine. Real love is love to be happy.

Love not only makes life more healthy and happy but also makes us more longevity. Another factor that reinforces the feeling of love, among others, has the support of friends, dependable work and family.

Even been proven scientifically that people who are lonely, alienated, and depression are more vulnerable to illness and die sooner than people who have a love, a dependable friend, and support of others.

Not only that, from a research by a team from the University of Pittsburgh also shows that women have a happy married life to have less chance to suffer from cardiovascular disease compared with women who had a relationship that cause stress.

Evidence from other studies, namely, from the University of Cardiff, which shows the benefits of a loving marriage. Woman whose marriage was most happy to have good mental health, while in men the effect is more on the physical and youthful.

Increased physical health of married men may be caused by the influence of their partner, either in diet or to visit the doctor when the illness seriously underdeveloped.

Strong commitment to the partner will provide a sense of mutual trust between the two. This resulted in the emergence of a sense of security. When we feel safe, we can open our hearts fully to others, either physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

when our hearts are open, we can feel the healing benefits of intimacy, happiness, strength and bring creativity, "he said.

Emotional support from partner and a stable financial status is also called influential experts on life expectancy is higher.

Humans are bound to a relationship of mutual support and love tend to be less experienced alcohol or drug addiction. Also lower the risk of experiencing depression. For this reason do not underestimate the power of love.

Benefits of green tea for old age

Green tea contains chemicals known as antioxidants, particularly the compound known as EGCG that may help prevent cell damage in the body. Even some experts have also studied the effects of green tea in fighting cholesterol to the risk of certain cancers with mixed results with different results.

Green tea has been known to provide many health benefits. This is because green tea contains antioxidants. A recent study in Japan said the older adults who drink green tea regularly may make them more nimble and independent.

For this new study, researchers from Japan to observe the extent of the effects of green tea consumption reduces the risk of weakness and physical disability in older adults. Research involving almost 14,000 adults age 65 and older. Results showed that participants who drank more green tea, are less likely to experience or suffer from "functional disability" during the next three years.

Functional disability in this case refers to the problems associated with a person's ability to perform daily activities, such as doing household chores to basic needs such as clothes and toiletries.

Data show that nearly 13 percent of adults who drank less than a glass of green tea a day, at risk of functional problems. While those who drank at least five cups a day, have a lower risk, which amounted to 7 percent.

Researchers explained that green tea lovers generally have a healthy diet - the more the consumption of fish, vegetables and fruit and have a better education, lower smoking habits. In addition, they also tend to be more socially active and a lot of support from friends and family.

Tomata Yasutake, lead investigator of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine says That although the above factors have been Considered, but green tea has the ability to Itself Reduced the risk of disability is lower. By Yasutake, people at least five WHO Drank cups a day, one-third less Likely to develop disabilities than WHO Those Drank less than one cup a day. And Those WHO Drank an average of three or four cups a day had 25 percent lower risk.

Other studies also mention that the green tea extract can increase leg muscle strength in elderly women. In general, green tea is considered safe when consumed in appropriate amounts. But remember, green tea also contains caffeine, which some people may need to be avoided. In addition, green tea also contains small amounts of vitamin K, which means it can interfere with the work of a drug such as Warfarin.

source: sify.com

Grape seeds can inhibit cancer cell

Grape seed now many researched properties for health. One of them is the ability to cope with skin cancer and prevent blindness. Not only that, a recent research shows that grape seed extract is able to kill cancer cells in the neck and head. The findings are published in the journal Carcinogenesis.

The advantages of this is that grape seed extract can kill cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells. "The effect is quite dramatic," said Rajesh Agarwal, PhD, researcher at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor in the Skaggs School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

However, the effectiveness of grape seed extract still depends on the ability of healthy cells to survive the damage. "Cancer cells spread very quickly. But there are also conditions in which they can not grow, so that cancer cells will die," added Agarwal.

According to Agarwal, grape seed extract may create unfavorable conditions for cancer cells, because it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Agarwal hoped that these findings was developed further toward clinical trials. He said that this research has the potential as an adjunct to therapy in treating both early head and neck cancer.

Head and neck cancer (cancer outside the brain, eyes and spinal cord) appeared at an average age of 59 years. Causes of head and neck cancer is usually caused by the habit of chewing tobacco, drinking habits alkhol. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancer associated with tobacco use.

Source: health.com

5 simple ways whiten teeth

All would want to have bright white teeth, but not everyone has the money to whiten teeth at the doctor or by purchasing a liquid containing tooth whitening side effects to the teeth. If we look at the environment around us, shining white teeth can also be obtained by following simple way.

1. Strawberries
This beautiful fruit malic acid producing enzymes that help whiten teeth. In addition to the direct eating, strawberries can be used to whiten teeth with mashed way, rubbed on the teeth, let stand for five minutes then rinse and brush as usual.

2. Fruits and vegetables are crisp
The best example is the apple, celery, and carrots. Biting and chewing fruits and vegetables such as this will help clean the plaque, "rubbing" over white teeth to shine, and increase the production of saliva is good for oral health.

3. Chewing gum containing xylitol
Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can prevent plaque. Xylitol also neutralize the acidity in the mouth and increase saliva production to clean teeth.

4. Orange and pineapple
When eating oranges, pineapple and other acidic fruits, mouth produce more saliva, which helps to clean teeth naturally.

5. Baking soda
Toothpaste that contains baking soda works better in cleaning the plaque. You can just use baking soda directly to clean teeth, but the doctors suggested that this is not done too often because it can erode tooth enamel. The safest option is to use toothpaste that contains baking soda.

Source: yahoo.com