6 Early Pregnancy Signs

For those who were waiting for pregnancy, certainly curiosity will the success of fertilization can only be answered by two lines or a positive sign on the tool checks the pregnancy. But before you do the testing, there are some early pregnancy symptoms that may be felt. Here are 5 signs that you can find.

1. Shortness of breath
When walking activities are routine you do from the parking lot to the office now even make you gasp for breath, this could be a sign you are pregnant. The growing fetus needs oxygen so that your oxygen is reduced rations. This will continue throughout the pregnancy.

2. Breast swelling
Getting swollen breasts and feel softer, darker colors aerola which, as well as strokes of blood vessels that arise is an early sign of pregnancy.

3. Fatigue
If you suddenly feel easily tired, maybe it was a response to the increased hormones in the body. In most women, a sense of fatigue is commonly experienced in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Most women experience symptoms of nausea at 6 weeks gestation, but there is also an experienced earlier.

5. Frequent urination
Your good night's sleep is often disturbed lately because they have to frequently get up to urinate? This could be a sign of pregnancy because the two entities when the body produces extra fluids so that the bladder work harder and you continue to feel the urge to urinate.

6. Sense of smell is more sensitive
Many women who feel the sense of smell is more sensitive to the smell in early pregnancy.

Source: kompas.com