5 Dance Forming Body

1. Belly dance
Belly dancing or belly dancing has a reputation as a dance of seduction, but a rhythmic movement in one part, from the hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, and back, making this dance movement has the effect of low-impact exercise (low impact). This movement also strengthens back muscles.

"The movement of this dance uses all the muscles of the torso with a low effort on the muscles making it suitable for all ages," said Zinia Rahman, belly dance instructor.

2. Ballet
Continuous movement and graceful in ballet would make us like exercising cardio, flexibility, and strength as well.

3. Zumba
Sports are inspired by Latin dance of the state has an energetic movement. It is suitable for those who want to burn calories as well as strengthen the muscles of the thigh and leg.

4. Salsa
Vary your fitness workout with Salsa dancing. Movements in this dance steps require quick feet with an upright posture. In addition to improving stamina, perform a dance routine will also make the muscles stronger upper body.

5. Hip Hop
Hip hop movement is a combination of elements of studio jazz and street styles. Dynamic movement makes all the muscles of the body part trained. Another advantage of hip-hop routine practice is to increase stamina and you can become a party to show off latiihan star who often practiced.

Source: health.com