Is it true that frozen foods are not healthy?

Fresh food is more delicious and consumed higher levels of nutrients. However, frozen food was no less. In fact, frozen foods are picked ripe and conditions are in season is a healthy choice.

The fruit is harvested in a mature condition and immediately frozen nutrients can last up to 12 months. Meanwhile, the fruit is picked in the immature condition to avoid spoilage when delivered to the place of sale, have fewer nutrients.

Basically, the production technology of frozen food only slows the rate of destruction of foodstuffs by storage temperature settings. Because it must be arranged so that food stays in the low temperature.

Choose frozen or canned food that was not the preservative like sugar. To select vegetables that are not mixed with other ingredients such as cheese and low salinity.

Meanwhile, for canned fish packed in, generally speaking, quite good nutritional value, especially proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

When compared with fresh ingredients, nutritional content of processed products was lower, especially vitamins B and C, which is sensitive to heat. However, the mineral content increases because there are additional components are added spice.

What to watch out for when buying canned fish is any leakage due to the closure of unfavorable container or raw materials allowed contact with air too long preparation time.