Pomegranate Fruit Nutrition For Younger

Pomegranate increasingly popular nowadays, because of its nutrient content of the pomegranate is remarkable. Is high in antioxidants makes fruit is believed to help prevent heart disease. While the content of phytochemicals called ellagitannin in large quantities are also able to reduce the progression of breast cancer cells that are responsive to estrogen.

This super fruit is also used as a drug that helps slow the aging process of the DNA, and helps you look young. The discovery is reported by researchers at ProbelteBio Laboratory in Murcia, Spain, which found a significant reduction of cell damage in people who were given pomegranate capsules every day for a month. If not treated, damage can weaken the function of cells of the brain, muscle, liver, and kidney

"We are very pleased with this study, where we believe that regular consumption of pomegranate fruit extract may slow down the oxidation of DNA," said lead researcher, Dr. Sergio Streitenberger.

Ageing is a process of oxidation and destruction processes, so as to resist this process will certainly be a very significant breakthrough. Last year, researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh found that pomegranate juice can help eliminate stress and help you calm down.

Source: kompas.com