Identifying the cause of the initial damage of Hearing

A recent study puts it at about 1 in 5 Americans over the age of 12 years suffer from hearing loss. Most of them do not even realize their sense of hearing ability decreases.

"Hearing loss occurs gradually over so that people who experience it become accustomed to and feel nothing is wrong because the process is very slow," said Dr.Frank R. Lin, who conducted this research.

Although the risk of hearing loss increases with age, but people who are young does not mean free from this risk. Approximately 0.5 percent of men in their 20s known to have a hearing loss, while 2.5 percent of men aged 30 years and 9 percent of men aged 40 years also experienced it.

According to Lin men are more prone to hearing loss than women. "This happens because most who work in construction and industry are men. They are more often exposed to loud noise causes hearing loss," he explained.

Noise induced hearing loss is most prevalent. Usually occurs due to exposure to loud noise (greater than 90 decibels) continuously for many years. This loud sound vibrations will damage the hair cells in the cochlea in the inner ear inhibit electrical impulses that reach the auditory nerve.

A study showed that the hormone estrogen in a woman's body part to protect the inner lining of the ear so that the sense of hearing women are more resistant.

According to Lin there are some signs that can be recognized as a symptom of hearing loss, such noise is heard no more clear or perbincaraan difficulty hearing in noisy environments. "If you suspect hearing ability ENT consult a doctor," he said.

Although the sense of hearing you are in prime condition at this time, there's no harm in starting to protect themselves to prevent hearing loss in the future. Begin by shrinking the volume of the earphones. When other people around you can listen to music that comes from your music player, it means that the volume is too loud.