Many drugs, Male Impotence vulnerable

Men who eat certain types of drugs routinely in the long run greater risk of experiencing erectile problems than men who drank less than two types of drugs.

In this study, the researchers looked at the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men taking the drug about 10 kinds or more each day. After considering other risk factors for ED, such as age, obesity, diabetes, and smoking habits, it is known that the influence of drugs remains high.

Therefore, doctors are advised to reevaluate the drugs given to patients who suffer from impotence, even if possible to reduce them. Moreover, some situations the healthy lifestyle changes, such as healthy diet and exercise, can replace the function of the drug.

"Sometimes patients are given drugs that are not really necessary. If it can be reduced, it may help patients who suffer from impotence," said Dr. Diana C. Londono, urologists who perform this research.

Drugs associated with risk of ED include medications for high blood pressure, such as beta blockers and thiazides, drugs used to treat depression and anxiety, as well as other drugs that interfere with testosterone levels.

"We do not yet know how these drugs worsen erection problems. There may be interactions between drugs that have little effect on the ability of the effect erection although it is not written in the drug's label," Londono said.