5 habits in order to stay young

Changes in lifestyle habits and can essentially make a person become more youthful. Meghan Telpner, a holistic nutrition expert, said most people generally tend to be resigned to the degenerative disease, because it is considered as a natural process. In fact the word Telpner, degenerative disease is not always synonymous with age, but more to come due to lifestyle.

Here are five healthy can be done to stay young:

1. Get enough sleep
Sleep is when our bodies do the healing and repair. Sleep is very important to help the regeneration of the adrenal glands and accelerate the healing of acne on your face

2. Avoid pollution
Toxins in the air (pollution) is one of the causes of health problems associated with aging. It's good for us to spend some time going for a walk, jogging or biking in the park green while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

3. More mobile and do not overdo it
Exercise is the best way to prevent aging. But for those who rarely perform physical activity, you should not immediately start training with high intensity.

Perform the exercise with low intensity but often, very well done. However, if you're a fan of high intensity exercise, like running long distances of 30 km and weight training, do not forget to eat right before and after exercise to stay hydrated.

4. Eating vegetables
For foods that have high nutritional value, there is no maximum limit how much a person should eat vegetables.

5. Inhale deeply
Take a deep breath in the lungs can develop into a form that the maximum so that helps relax the nervous system that helps promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Source: besthealthmag