Influence the power of love for health

February is the month of love. Maybe because there are days in the month of love Valentine. Real love is love to be happy.

Love not only makes life more healthy and happy but also makes us more longevity. Another factor that reinforces the feeling of love, among others, has the support of friends, dependable work and family.

Even been proven scientifically that people who are lonely, alienated, and depression are more vulnerable to illness and die sooner than people who have a love, a dependable friend, and support of others.

Not only that, from a research by a team from the University of Pittsburgh also shows that women have a happy married life to have less chance to suffer from cardiovascular disease compared with women who had a relationship that cause stress.

Evidence from other studies, namely, from the University of Cardiff, which shows the benefits of a loving marriage. Woman whose marriage was most happy to have good mental health, while in men the effect is more on the physical and youthful.

Increased physical health of married men may be caused by the influence of their partner, either in diet or to visit the doctor when the illness seriously underdeveloped.

Strong commitment to the partner will provide a sense of mutual trust between the two. This resulted in the emergence of a sense of security. When we feel safe, we can open our hearts fully to others, either physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

when our hearts are open, we can feel the healing benefits of intimacy, happiness, strength and bring creativity, "he said.

Emotional support from partner and a stable financial status is also called influential experts on life expectancy is higher.

Humans are bound to a relationship of mutual support and love tend to be less experienced alcohol or drug addiction. Also lower the risk of experiencing depression. For this reason do not underestimate the power of love.