Perfumes Can Fix mood

Sense of smell can invite special memories. Therefore it takes the right fragrance that mood can be maintained.

Here are the kinds of fragrances to suit your mood:

1. Disappointed
When you feel the mood was disappointed and depressed, it is better to use perfume with a strong citrus scent to boost your spirits quickly.

2. Optimistic
Complete the mood you're optimistic about the use of perfume has the scent of herbs. Although the fresh-scented, the scent should not be too sharp.

3. Silence
Spray the perfume with the scent of summer flowers. However, try to smell is not too excessive.

4. Tempt
If you want to seduce someone, it's worth using a perfume with the fragrance musks and vanilla. Both aroma is known to stimulate sexual desire and enhance your libido.

5. Calm
Use a fragrance that has a scent of lavender and chamomile are gentle. Both are capable of rejuvenating the senses of taste and make you feel calm throughout the day.

The mood is calm the soul's natural medicine