Prevent Gallstones With Exercise

Gallstones arise when bile in the gall bladder collects and settles. Over time, the cholesterol contained in bile crystallize and form stones. Although gallstone disease is often without symptoms, when the situation worsens symptoms normally generated is an attack after eating foods high in fat.

A strict diet to lose weight quickly is not advisable. Such conditions will only stimulates the liver removing large amounts of cholesterol to bile, so that it can cause gallstones.

For patients who are taking care mengindap gallstones gall bladder by way of avoiding the consumption of fatty foods, such as red meat and fried foods, because fat can stimulate the emergence of rock empedeu,

In order to avoid gallstones, though physically very important in order to burn body fats and reduce the risk of gallstone formation.

Sport will trigger a move like whipped bile, thereby preventing the liquid to crystallize. When you move around, the bile had no time to form crystals of cholesterol to a rock.