Keeping Sleeping Beauty By Position

Supine sleeping position is better for your skin than to sleep with the prone position. Because, face down or sideways position can affect the formation of wrinkles on the face and eyes. This position could cause scratches or lines that permanent imprint on the skin.

The texture of fabrics such as silk satin smooth facial skin can free from wrinkles. Then, use blankets as well that we are more relaxed and the body temperature is always warm. This condition will make us better quality sleep so that the hormone melatonin is more effective for the skin.

In addition to sleeping position, we must also consider the pillows that we use. Keep your head higher than the heart while sleeping. The goal, so when awake, the eye does not look puffy. "The position of the head parallel to the heart during sleep, will make the flow of blood to accumulate on the face," Farris completed.