Against Job Stress

The effects of stress are not only related to the emotional or psychological, but also physically. For workers who are familiar with the stress in their daily life, they are known to be more frequent doctor visits.

People who suffer from stress because of his work to visit GPs more often 26 percent and 27 percent visit a specialist more often than workers who are low stress levels.

Levels of job stress is determined by the control of workers over a decision as well as psychological demands in the workplace. Quite a lot of research that shows stress had a direct impact on the immune system. People who are stressed are more susceptible to the disease known

We can recognize the signs of stress began to attack. First is the change in psychology to be irritable, frustrated, and feeling helpless. Stress can also arise in the form of physical disorders such as insomnia, headaches, nausea and heartburn.

Although difficult to avoid, but the stress can be managed. When the pile of work began to cause you stress, take time off to do recreational activities. Gathered with family can also become a potent means of stress release.