Cause We Know 5 Things Being Forgetful

Results from a study in England conducted by the showed that most adults forget at least three things when they are shopping to the supermarket. First, they forgot what should shop. Second, forgot to leave food or drinks to cool them. Lastly, forget to put their house or car keys.

Disease often forget that this is indeed suffered initially emerged from the little things. This little then left because it was considered trivial. In fact, if allowed to continue, then it is not possible, the memory of the brain to fizzle.

Forgotten disease at a young age one of them caused an unhealthy lifestyle. Intention to maintain and care for the brain, our lifestyles often even destroying it. Here is the lifestyle that we often do and can damage or reduce the function of the brain.

Eat lightly. The bustle and demands of work sometimes makes people often do not pay attention to what goes into the body through food. lifestyle "home filled" and "good home" so many do not care about nutrition your body needs.

Cigarettes and toxins. Not only causes chronic diseases to the body, such as cancer or stroke, smoking and other toxins such as drugs can damage the cells and inhibit regeneration of cells, including cells of the human brain. That would trigger premature aging. One characteristic of premature aging that happens is the decrease of memory.

Lack of sleep. Entertainment offer of employment or sometimes make us forget time and forgot to break, including forgetting to sleep. Should a third of the time people used to rest. That is, we should have time to sleep about eight hours a day. During sleep the body's resting and doing normalization, including the brain. However, not only to consider sleep time, sleep quality had to be very guarded. Quality sleep is sleep without snoring. Snoring can lead to other diseases, like heart disease or stroke. In addition, snoring can cause dementia.

Stress. Stress will increase tensions in the brain and makes the brain runs out of energy. That's why the people stress is often the term dead-end thoughts. A person experiencing stress are usually not able to think clearly or normal because the brain is exhausted and drained of energy, including when I had to remember or look for information in the brain. Excessive stress can also stimulate the release of the hormone cortisol that will disrupt memory.

Lazy. Many people who worked to exhaustion so lazy to interact with others and lazy to exercise. In fact, interaction with others makes our brains honed. Often in conversation, the old memory was recalled so that the memory-trained brain. In addition to maintaining fitness, exercise course, can also keep the brain fitness as during exercise, usually we will relax and the brain becomes tense. Exercising also allows us to establish communication and interact with others.