Potato Skin Kleci potential to Cancer Drugs

Potatoes kleci

S3 GMU student, Pearl Nugraheni, managed to find potato skins kleci efficacy as a deterrent growth of cancer cells. These new findings that are scientifically membuktikkan potato tubers, especially black has functional components in the cure of disease.

Potatoes kleci or Coleus tuberosus is a black-skinned potatoes of thumb is mostly found in traditional markets. These types of bulbs are usually just steamed for consumption or in the vegetable mixture. But apparently, this small tubers contain antioxidant compounds and antiproliferasi (antiperbanyakan cancer cells) triterpenic acid groups.

Pearl explains, from the research results found that a compound triterpenic acid ursolic acid (UA) and oleanolic acid (OA). From his research, Pearls have test antiproliferasi activity against potato tuber extract of black, especially the skin and flesh with breast cancer cells MCF-7 (Michigan Cancer Foundation-7). By using the method of MTT assay, cancer cells are placed in plate wells were then given a black potato tuber extract various concentrations. "Cancer cells are incubated for 72 hours with the MTT reagent were added to the measurement of cell viability by ELISA Reader," said Umar Santoso, who became a student research dissertation Prodi Studies Food Science Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gadjah Mada.

Apparently, the results indicate that microscopic cancer cells were damaged morphology, DNA fragmentation, and death of cancer cells. In fact in mind also, that the content of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid on the tuber skin is higher than the flesh. The new findings of this cancer treatment has been published in three international journals, namely the International Food Research Journal, African Journal of Food Science, as well as the Jornal of Medicine Plants Research.