Recognize the Dangers of Energy Drinks For Health

Some health experts declared dangerous energy drinks. "Drinks with high caffeine content could potentially harm our health," said Roland Griffiths, professor of psychiatry and a neurologist from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, quoted by WebMD site.

Here are four dangers of energy drinks.

Contain high sugar
High sugar content in energy drinks can lead to elevated levels of blood sugar, tooth decay and cause weight gain. Make sure you check the packaging to find out how much sugar in the drink. Compare with soda and you will find the sugar content is higher in energy drinks.

Danger for children
Exposure to caffeine and sugar are high in children is more dangerous than in adults. Especially for kids who are still in its infancy. Energy drinks do not contain any nutrients.

Cause dehydration

High sugar content which can cause water absorption into the body is hampered causing dehydration risk. The body is dehydrated it has poor performance, whether you're on the move or sitting behind a desk. If you feel you can not leave the energy drinks are advised to consume a glass of water after consuming energy drinks.

Cause heart palpitations
Caffeine can cause increased blood pressure and heart was pounding, especially for those who are sensitive. A dangerous reaction in the energy drinks that can occur include dizziness, nausea, heartburn, tremors, and numbness.

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