Room Temperature Effect Against Sleep Comfort

Room temperature can lead to sleeping comfort. No wonder the hot weather that occurred in the past few months caused quite a lot of people have trouble sleeping soundly, especially for those who do not have enough air.

When we sleep, body temperature points will be set at low levels or cooler than in the daytime. Points of the body temperature is the temperature to be achieved by the brain.

H. Craig Heller, a professor of biology at Stanford University, says that "Setup was likened to a thermostat or a thermostat. If it is too hot or too cold, the body will try to reach the point of body temperature is already set,"

While sleep experts from Loma Linda University, Ralph Downey, said that the decrease in body temperature it will make us sleepy. "If we are in a cool room will sleep comes easily. But if the room is too hot or cold, we woke up so easily," said Downey.

Room temperature also affects the quality of the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the level of sleep when we dream.

If you do not have air conditioning, it never hurts to try a cold shower before bed so that the eye more easily closed. Another way is to turn the recording running water because research showed the sound of water flowing can help lower body temperature.