Avoid Anemia With Eating Spinach

Iron is one of the features of spinach. Iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells so you do not suffer from lack of blood, known as anemia.

It was not tasty and suffering from anemia. Easy limp, just a little breathing exercise already feels tired. Sometimes chest pain after exercise. And frequent headache sufferers. Stand up too fast from a sitting position has been made of the body such as the "floating". face look pale so it looks less pretty. At the end of physical activity becomes the activity that is often avoided by people with anemia.

Many causes that can lead to anemia. Of these, iron deficiency anemia is most easily treated. Of course denagn diligent eating foods that contain iron, like spinach.

If you already eat a lot of sources of iron, there are some restrictions. Such as avoiding things that can prevent the absorption of iron by the body. Caffeine is an example. Drinks containing caffeine can prevent absorption. So, no matter how many foods containing iron are eaten if you also drink coffee diligent, accomplishes nothing.

Iron sources other than spinach is beef or chicken liver, clams, oysters, cooked beef, salmon, tuna, iron-fortified cereals, beans, and pasta.