5 Simple Ways Teeth Whitening

Every woman must have longed for beautiful smile with white teeth clean. Apparently, this is not at all difficult to obtain. Try and do yourself at home.

1. Use the whitening strips. Some studies suggest that whitening strips are hanging hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening can help the process. For maximum results, use whitening strips 6 hours after brushing. More important, do not forget to dry your teeth before using it.

2. Use a solution of hydrogen peroxide. In lieu of whitening strips, there are other ways that can be used, namely by using a cloth soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. After immersion in this solution, use a cloth to brush his teeth. Peroxide solution will completely eradicate all the stains on the teeth.

3. Replace with bleach Toothpaste. To get the perfect white teeth, be diligent Brushing your teeth. Use a Toothpaste That contains bleach to get maximum results. While this does not change the color of teeth in an instant, but the new Reduced Toothpaste Could berpemutih spots Pls help Brushing your teeth.

4. Brush your teeth after every meal. This may look ordinary, but believe me this has been proven effective. In addition to help remove stains caused by food, also made a diligent brushing your teeth free from impurities that are often stuck in the teeth. As a bonus, you'll also get a fresh breath. So, always take a small toothbrush wherever you go.

5. The right lipstick. Not easy indeed to get white teeth. Thus, there is another way that might "fool" so that the teeth look whiter, ie with the right lipstick color choice. The red color of cherries, wine, and berries on the outward appearance of lipstick you can help your teeth look whiter. Avoid matte colors so that the teeth do not look dirty.